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Dear Rarepair Fest writer/artist

Thank you so much for looking into making something for me, I really appreciate it! Though I will get lengthy about my love for these pairings and tropes, please don't feel restricted by my prompts. These are just to inspire, and as long as you adhere to my DNWs, I'm sure I'll love what you create!

General likes:
  • Fluff
  • Hurt/comfort (nothing too dramatic though)
  • Shenanigans
  • AUs (not crossovers)
  • Catalysts
  • Formal/sophisticated speech patterns
  • Fleshed out relationships/slow burn
  • Age differences (10 years is the least gap I'd consider)
  • Older characters (late-20s youngest, senior characters highly recommended!)
  • Older English settings, Wodehouse-an or something, but I'm good with mid-to-late Georgian-era too

  • Angst and sad tropes
  • Anything that requires a warning on ao3
  • Psychological tropes (including identity angst)
  • E rating on ao3
  • Crack
  • M-preg
  • Genderbending
  • Other ships
  • Graphics

Discworld - Terry Pratchett

Rufus Drumknott/Havelock Vetinari

Ah yes, my loves, now and forever. I love Vetinari, always so cool, so detached and clever, with that hidden sentimentality inside of him. He probably doesn't need to have someone to take care of him, but I think he would find Drumknott caring for him useful all the same. And who else could care for him but his secretary, the man just as cool and calm, and knows him so well? Drumknott is so unquestionably loyal, what does it mean when that turns into love? Vetinari either cares for Drumknott or cares for keeping him by his side, what is it like when that turns into love?

Prompts: For fanfiction, I would adore some introspection into Vetinari's feelings for Drumknott. He probably never meant to get so close to anyone, so smack him over the head with the realisation, or let it creep up on him, I just love to see any interpretations of that realisation! Alternatively, show his plan of action after he realises his own feelings. I like the idea of him being honest with Drumknott instead of manipulating the situation to seduce Drumknott, but as long as you don't make it weird or creepy (mind the power/age gap!), then I'll be happy to see it. I also love AUs, as silly or as serious as you like them - coffee shop, boarding school, office, whatever - just no crossovers, please.

For fanart, visual representations of any AUs would be great! Other than that, I'm not a very visual person, so I'd be okay with seeing any interesting scenarios you might come up with. I headcanon Drumknott as having loose curls of reddish-brown hair, the red part because of his name, and the curly part because it symbolises purity of character to me. I've never seen fanart of Drumknott that conformed to my headcanon so it'd be cool to see that for once!

DNWs: Vetinari/Vimes, and power play - a little angst about what their relationship means to each other or mention/discussion of this aspect of their relationship is fine, but nothing where Vetinari takes advantage of Drumknott, please.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Christopher Chant/Millie

I absolutely adore the relationship these two have. They're not a very expressive couple, but there can be no doubt of how strong their bond is. I am highly amused by the fact that Christopher is so vain and so handsome, he was probably the object of admiration of a lot of girls, but Millie came into his life so early that he most probably never even noticed. I love their relationship at all stages, whether it be when they've first started living in Chrestomanci Castle together, around the time of Conrad's Fate, or even during Cat's time, when they have a family and have already done so much together.

Prompts: I know there are quite a few lovely fics where they get together, but I honestly can never get enough of them! I'd also love fics where they realise their feelings for each other. Is it just the most natural thing in the world to them or would they be surprised? What would their honeymoon be like? How would they make it special to themselves? I don't mind case fic either, as long as the emphasis on their relationship remains!

DNWs: Don't have anything in particular for these two apart from my general DNWs!

Ace Attorney

Bobby Fulbright/Simon Blackquill

Heh, you know these two would have had such a great following if DD hadn't been so horribly sadistic to them. Give them the happy ending they deserve! Be it the Phantom didn't exist, or he impersonated someone else, or he kept Bobby alive until after he was caught, let's just pretend the ending of DD never happened, right?

Prompts: Post-DD, Bobby helps Simon to get used to life outside of prison, let's him stay with him, or if he was kidnapped by the Phantom, they both help each other. If Simon never knew Bobby before the Phantom was caught, then he decides to meet him after DD and falls in love. During DD, Simon confiding in Bobby about Athena, Bobby sneaking him out to eat or giving him treats in prison, or something a little angsty with Bobby promising to save Simon.

Art prompts: Bobby taking Simon on a holiday, or bringing him clothes shopping after he's left prison, or on a date together!

DNWs: Please no Phantomquill! Other than that, as long as they're happy (nothing bittersweet or in the bad ending timeline), I will be happy.

Original Work

Male Boss/Male Secretary

This is such a huge fetish of mine, it's mad. Call a man something vaguely resembling secretary/assistant, I will immediately sit up and pay attention. I just love how traditional it would be to have a male secretary who is highly intelligent and acts more as confidante and advisor than mere letter-writer or calendar-keeper. Loyalty turning into affection for the secretary, and needing someone professionally turning into needing someone personally for the boss, the potential for angst about not wanting to ruin a professional relationship ... There are a lot of ways you could take this, just make sure to choose one with a happy ending and I'll be hooked! I am also very fond of meek and gentle secretaries - not doormats, but a quiet and shy personality that hides a great deal of intelligence and skill. I'd love it if it turned out that the boss was the less experienced in relationships, he adheres to the secretary more when in an intimate setting, or basically, the secretary is the 'dominant' one in the relationship.

Prompts: I have previously created a list of potential boss/assistant AUs here, which you could use as inspiration! Alternatively, the secretary defends or saves the boss in a really unexpected way, or maybe it's just the boss who's been underestimating his gentle, unassuming secretary all along and this leads to one or both realising their feelings for each other. Maybe the boss is an emotionally detached character who, after some incident occurs, realises he's come to care for/depend on his secretary a lot more than he's ever cared for anyone. Relationship angst because neither wants to risk ruining the perfect working relationship? Maybe they both know their feelings for each other, they share a room when they travel, they subtly flirt all the time, but they don't think they can be together until some incident convinces them to just go for it?

DNWs: Just as with my inspiration for this kink, please no power play, the boss taking advantage of the secretary or anything like that. No need to baby either party and make sure they're okay with every single kiss, but just keep the relationship healthy and I'll be happy. I'm also not a huge fan of too much witty banter, though I do love friendly banter.

Male Assassin/Male Target

What's not to love about assassins? In general, I really like the idea of a guild or official institution of assassins rather than anything realistic. I'd love for this sort of relationship to be really romantic, with a professional assassin who's at the top of his career confused by the newfound feelings and the target to be slightly confused himself by what's happening but just really desperate to delay the whole 'assassination' thing, while maybe also being really adamant about why anyone would want to assassinate him in the first place.

Prompts: The target turns out to be someone the assassin knows and it makes him hesitate. Maybe the target was just someone who paid for his coffee when the assassin forgot his wallet once, or maybe they were childhood friends who lost contact. The assassin hesitates, the target finds out what he's planning somehow (from the way he's dressed/he knew that his childhood friend had become an assassin/something) and tries to convince him to save him. Cue shenanigans? Angst? Some slow burn with the assassin tagging along on the target's daily life while he's all conflicted about whether or not to take him out? I would prefer something comedic, but as long as it ends happily, I'd like to see whatever you can come up with!

DNWs: While the prompt is rife for deception, I'd really like to avoid anything like the assassin trying to trick the target, even if he changes his mind. The other way around is fine (and understandable) as long as the air is clear between them afterwards!

Male Prince/Male Prince

I enjoy fairy tales, I love the romanticism attached to royalty, and there are a lot of fun things you can do with a couple of princes! I won't say much here, there's a very wide scope for you to play with, so have fun! For this ship in particular, the prompts are very optional, so feel free to do something else if a good idea strikes you.

Prompts: Arranged marriage between the two princes! They could be betrothed at a young age and have lots of time to warm up to each other, or they could be betrothed as adults and only have a few months or weeks. Perhaps one initially doesn't like his betrothed while the other is secretly smitten with his future husband? Maybe they try to completely ignore each other for most of their lives until something makes one or both realise how glad they actually are to marry each other? Alternately, perhaps a prince is forced to choose a princess to marry but ends up falling in love with a princess' brother instead. How would he then pursue him and make his feelings known?

DNWs: As stated in my general DNWs, I'm not interested in identity angst, so no 'We can't be together because we're both men' angst, please.

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