Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Looks like I might need one of these now, so let's give it a shot. My real name is [REDACTED], I used to think of myself as Shadow, but online people exclusively call me Rufus. I am, in all definitions of the word, a woman, but you may call me whatever you like.

Since Dreamwidth is a real blogging site (as opposed to the impersonal nature of Tumblr), I might as well tell you a little about my personality. By Western standards, I'm probably a bit of a traditionalist. I don't like being vulgar. Admittedly, my definition of vulgar is somewhat unconventional. I don't like hearing or using swear words except when it is really necessary. If you are familiar with the British media's censorship of swearing, then you'll understand what I mean. Generally, I don't like explicit discussion of sex or sexual content, although I don't mind jokes as long as they're not tasteless.

I also consider myself a private person, although my definition of 'private' is also atypical. I have no problem with divulging a lot of personal details to the internet, but I will almost never share my problems. If I do talk about a difficult time on the internet, it is either because it's not a big deal to me (I tend to exaggerate/ham it up a lot), or it is so serious that it is affecting my online life and I feel the need to mention it so people don't think I've suddenly become a dick.

...Does that sound pretentious? I didn't mean for it to be ;~; It's just that I'm aware I hold very different views from the majority of millenials/people on the internet, and I think it's best people know that in advance before I surprise them. Other than that, I'm an optimistic genki girl. I still use the emoticons xD and :3 I'm an undergraduate student of psychology, but I regularly have meltdowns about the fact that I've lost track of what my course is about months ago. Hopefully, that is the side of me you'll be hearing from the most.

I'll be talking about Discworld and Love Live the most on my blog, I think. I love Vetinari, but you already know that. I also love Hanayo, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and the English language. I also do actually love psychology, but I often feel way in over my head with it. I'll also talk about my writing. My personal entries, tagged 'journal', are mostly f-locked.

Social media links: Tumblr, Twitter, Archive of our Own, School Idol Tomodachi. I also play on 4thewords! I don't think you can interact with friends on it just yet, but I am there and I do love it.

I'm always happy to make friends ^-^


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