Jan. 13th, 2020

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25/09/16: Yes, this is still being updated! If there's anything I've missed, please comment below. Sometimes I don't read a fic because it hits a squick or whatever, so I don't know if it qualifies to go here (i.e. V/D is the endgame ship). Therefore, if you know something that should be here but isn't, let me know! You can also contact me on Tumblr instead if you want, though anon is off.

My life doesn't revolve around Havelock Vetinari, but he's a pretty big feature in it, just saying.

I want to compile every (English*) V/D fanfiction in this post, so if there's anything I've missed, please comment below! Anon is on, screening is off (if you need to leave me a private comment, PM me or comment on my intro post). 'Tags' are not necessarily what the author tagged the fics, and I just tagged the ones I didn't read as 'unread'. Incomplete fics have not been included, as well as fics that don't end with the main ship still as the main ship because I'm not about that life.

Since this is not a fic rec, remarks are only present on my own fics, usually to grumble about how much I hate my own writing.

If a link doesn't work, tell me which one!. There are a lot of links here, but I checked each one before posting so unless something is flocked, it should work.

Total number of fics: 59 )


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