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Kinks and tropes I like in fics

So I noticed that some people apparently do this thing where they list stuff they like to see in fic. I think that’s pretty cool, and since I’m trying to write more by participating in exchanges and things, I thought I’d try a hand at it myself by referencing eliade’s amazing list of kinks, tropes, and clichés and writing about the ones I really like. Of course, I’m mostly into romance and fluff, and I’m not much into sex at all, so you can find out exactly how much of a sap I am through this list.

Kinks, tropes, and clichés I am into:
  • Age differences
Oh no, probably the #1 kink on my list of kinks! I’ve loved age differences in relationships ever since I was a child, and you can probably make a timeline of my maturity by following how I’ve liked this kink as I grew up. I used to adore teacher/student pairings, but now I do find this rather skeevy. I don’t like ships where the couple knew each other while one was still very young either (unless the age difference is really negligible as to whether or not it matters, such as in Ferb/Vanessa), though I admit that I still love Austen's Emma regardless. She was a master of romance though, so maybe it doesn't count. When I say 'age difference', I really mean it. 10 years is kind of sissy but it's acceptable, and can hardly be helped. 20 years is most excellent. But sometimes, descriptors of age are enough. I usually prefer the male to be the older if it's an f/m relationship, but honestly, either way is great. I also only like this trope when it's legal. I am not interested in teenagers, much, much less a relationship between a minor and an adult. I love this trope best when mixed with other kinds of tropes, like aristocracy or royalty (like Half Hope!), master/servant relationships, and the like.

  • Angst
While I’m not into very heavy angst, particularly if there is no happy ending, a light sprinkling of something like, ‘He will never love me’ or ‘Look at everything standing between us we could never be together’ is delicious, and I might even say healthy. Hurt/comfort is pretty good, but people seem to generally find it hard to handle without going off the deep end into OOC drama, especially considering that most characters I like are generally stoic and aloof.

  • Aphrodisiac
I don’t like this to force the pairing to have sex with each other, but if the couple are already in a stable relationship and one of them decides to drug the other, as a sort of bedtime experiment, then I find it quite interesting.

  • Aristocracy
This is the main way I like this relationship: aristocrat/secretary. I suppose generally the master/servant trope is pretty hot, but in relationships and most of the time, I love the gentleman character with his secretary. I’m less attracted to lady character/secretary, as well as gentleman/female secretary, and if I like such a pairing, it is probably some other factor in play. I really love the popular Victorian trope of two men being forced to forge a bond through a trials that pushed them together, and this is a subset of that, though the trials may be less dramatic. Old-fashion aristocracy secretaries were supposed to be very close to their masters, as evidenced by the fact that the word itself comes from the word ‘secret’. This is sweet as hell and I will melt over any such master/servant pairing, really, but secretaries give a sophisticated flair that allow them to be on a similar level to their classy masters that simple houseboys and stable-boys cannot be. This is related to how I like the age difference trope. Other relationships between noblemen/women can also be very interesting, like all the nonsense in Blandings. I adore the relationship Lady Constance has with all the boyfriends she's had throughout the series.

  • Attention
No matter what ship I write, I shall always like the characters to pay close attention to the other. I love it the most when, say, the stoic character is always closely watching his love interest without his love interest being aware of it, but people around them can plainly see it. Tied with the aristocracy trope, I particularly like it when the character of the lower class thinks he is not good enough for his superior, but it’s obvious his superior is keenly interested in everything about him and watches him all the time. In Vetinari/Drumknott, Vetinari keeps close tabs on everybody, usually by utilising spies, but I like the thought that when Vetinari found out the basic details of Drumknott’s history, he then chose to discover everything else about him the old-fashioned way: by asking him, paying attention to the little details, and such. That it would greatly please and flatter Drumknott is the main draw here.

  • AUs
Generally speaking, I do like AUs, but lately I have mostly been in fandoms where the canon universe is too dear and has too much potential for me to be very much interested in other kinds of universes. Still, I do (or I would, if it existed) like a good Roundworld AU for Vetinari/Drumknott. Alternatively, I’m also quite interested in the concept of the pairing meeting their alternate selves who are already very much in love, and this causes them to realise their feelings for each other, or to otherwise get together in some way. My fic The Mirror is one example of this, but aside from the fic itself, I’m quite fond of the idea that the both of them could meet their alternate selves where they are already a couple, such as the Guildmaster of Assassins and his secretary in my fic.

  • Beards or stubble
Beard/stubble burn is sexy as hell. People need to describe these kisses more in fic tbh. A neatly trimmed beard can be really attractive too. Make one of your characters the sort of person who looks good with a beard if you can, fic writers!

  • Bonds
I find soulbonds quite interesting, although now that I think about it, I don’t know of any soulbond fics I enjoyed. Aside from physical soulbonds, I like the thought of a character who was alone all their life (usually by choice) finally meeting someone they love and realising they are The One for them, or even developing such a strong relationship, it becomes a soulbond.

  • Boys
Not really a fetish for me or anything, but tied to my age difference kink, I like it if the younger character is handsome or cute in a boyish way. It’s not a must though. Possibly the reason I envision Drumknott as having loose curly hair is that it symbolises innocence to me, though I admit I quite like his stern, manly look from the Discworld board game too.

  • Brothels
Again, this isn’t a fetish, I just like brothels as a setting. I quite enjoy the idea that Vetinari was raised by Madam, so he had to spend a lot of time in brothels and knows more about weird sex things than normal romance things.

  • Canon

  • Catalysts
Yay, my favourite romance trope! I just love it when something causes the character to realise that they are interested in the other, or even that the other is interested in them. My favourite catalysts are subtle ones - I don’t really like the trend of Drumknott whump in the V/D fandom, for example - a rumour that two characters are dating makes half of the ship realise how much they like the other person, to begin with. I like other tropes as catalysts as well, such as AUs as I’ve mentioned above.

  • Children
While I don’t necessarily like this for all ships, there are some more down-to-earth ships where I like the idea of the child being a catalyst, such as a character realising they must be really mad about the other character because they’re babysitting for them or picking up their children from school. Also works the other way around, where the parent realises how much the other person likes them through this. I don’t really like parent/parent couples meeting through parent-teacher meetings or something though, I much prefer single parent/other person pairing. The only exception to this is in movies, where I like children being involved, period.

  • Claiming or establishing ownership
I don’t like the more serious stuff like branding or wearing a collar, but I do like the subtlety of a ring or some other trinket signifying that the characters belong to each other. For example, I love the idea of Vetinari having made a present of a stopwatch to Drumknott with his name on it to signify that Drumknott belongs to him, a favour Drumknott could return with a ring that has his name engraved on the inside for the same idea.

  • Clams
I guess I don’t really like clams, as in characters who are emotionally repressed to hide their natural tenderness and gentility, but I like characters who are very much in control (where this is not an emotional problem). If they lose their cool, it should be a very minute change, such as one that people who do not know them very well would hardly notice, or one that wouldn’t ‘damage’ their reputation as a distant person. Holmes’ reactions to Watson being hurt, such as in The Devil’s Foot and The Three Garidebs, is a very good example. Alternately, not sure if this is related, but I like it when such characters allow themselves to lose a bit of control, or surrender some of that control to their partner whenever they are alone, so they would not mind being gentle and affection in private.

  • Clumsiness
I quite like the trope of characters being shy during the first time, especially if it’s the normally cool and in-control character who is shy. Like with Vetinari/Drumknott, it seems as if Vetinari has not been intimate with anyone in some time (even if you want to talk about Lady Margolotta, in The Fifth Elephant, they talk as if they haven’t seen each other in a very long time), so it would be very endearing if he was shy with Drumknott at first. Otherwise, I also like the trope of a couple who have been intimate for some time, so when one is overeager leading to clumsiness and awkwardness, they both end up laughing and enjoying themselves despite whatever happens.

  • Coming tropes
(ノ∀\*) I’m a girl, I love them all. Except maybe come-marking, but it can be hot depending on the context. While I do like characters who are always in control of themselves as mentioned, I find those such characters coming in their pants/quickly/without being touched the sexiest thing ever, especially where it comes as a surprise to them. Bonus points for their partner being quite understanding about it, possibly even finding it hot themselves.

  • Confessions
I mostly like confessions of love, particularly where the character is finding it very difficult to express his feelings into words, and he either decides to do so with an action (usually a kiss, right?), or the other realises what he is trying to say and helps him (also usually by kissing him). I don’t know if I’d be interested in a fic where one of the couple were confessing a past sin or something like, I suppose that would be dependent on other factors.

  • Courting and dating
I like courting and dating as a slow burn/build-up thing, and it’s better than drama and angst in that respect imo. I like all the sweet courting and dating tropes used to develop a relationship, particularly where it relates back to Attention as said above. Where two characters have a secret relationship, or even simply have such busy lives a date is difficult to coordinate, I love it when they find non-conventional and comparatively dull ways to date, such as simply taking tea together in the evening, or enjoying a coach/car ride to business.

  • Crush or unrequited love
Mostly I love this trope where one character believes their love is unrequited and so simply doesn’t do anything, frustrating the other character, who might be aware of it and is metaphorically trying to perform a naked interpretive dance to express their own feelings. It’s terribly soppy, but I just love it when a character explicitly says ’No, he doesn’t return my feelings’ in the narrative, whether aloud or simply in their thoughts.

  • Cuddling
Cuddling is always cute, but I especially love it for pairings like Vetinari/Drumknott, where it is difficult for them to find private moments together, so cuddling is especially important to them. Imagine them sitting in one of their rooms together on the couch, trying to touch as much as possible, while still attending to the paperwork.

  • Delayed gratification

  • Endearments
They’re not a real couple until they become used to calling each other ‘darling’ or something of the like. I especially love working this into Vetinari/Drumknott, since it’s so difficult to imagine them doing it at all.

  • First time
See clumsiness.

  • Flirting
I particularly like this between m/m friendship pairings as a sign of UST, or a deeper, unspoken desire between the two. If the two are not yet in a romantic relationship, and have not so far shown any explicit signs of desiring it, a bit of flirting is a great ambiguity in a ‘are they flirting because they’re just kidding around or do they really mean it?’ kind of way.

  • Foreplay
Yeah, we need more of this in the V/D fandom.

  • Friction or frottage

  • Friendship and affection
Did somebody say friendship as pre-slash hahaha sign me up pls. As an aside, there are some relationships that I like to remain purely platonic, because they're just so much more tantalising that way, and they don't really need to be in a romantic relationship. Dan & Phil and Jeeves & Bertie come to mind as examples.

  • Friendship sex or buddy-sex
For certain pairings, related to friendship and affection, I really like it when it’s friends with benefits, except you know they’re both mad for each other and are both going through unrequited love angst. For Vetinari/Drumknott, I particularly love the idea of them both thinking it’s sex to keep each other company over how lonely they secretly are, and how much comfort they find in each other’s friendship, either not willing or afraid to admit that it’s more.

  • Geeks and nebbishes
I’m not really sure what this means, but if you’re asking me if I have a thing for personal secretaries, the answer is ‘YES’. See also aristocracy above. Sophisticated and composed characters geeking out is cute, but I wouldn’t say it’s so much a fetish of mine. Some of my favourite secretaries include Drumknott and Heretofore from Discworld (the latter is the most delightful psychopath I have ever met), Baxter from Blandings, and Tom Hagen from The Godfather (consiglieri count!).

  • Gentleness
A character in distress and their love interest displaying unexpected tenderness that makes them open up to them is my cue to cry real tears. I also, ugh, just love gentle men ('not a gentleman, thank goodness, but a gentle man'), even if they may seem stoic and aloof at first.

  • Good boys
I only have a thing for this where it relates to my love for other people’s personal secretaries. I see Drumknott as being quite mature, but also somewhat incorruptibly innocent, which may be what initially draws Vetinari to him.

  • Hand fetishization
Do I have a thing for Lord Vetinari’s hands? Yes. Does Drumknott have a thing for Lord Vetinari’s hands? It’d be a waste if he didn’t.

  • Hand-jobs

  • Intelligence
I love the opportunity (for someone else) to say: ‘That brain of yours is very, very sexy’. In particular, I enjoy a shy, retiring character displaying a wealth of knowledge in a certain area that hugely impresses their love interest with their hidden depths.

  • Intercrural or interfemoral sex

  • Intimacy
I’m not so much a fan of domesticity per se as I used to be, but general signs of intimacy are truly wonderful.

  • Loss of control
As mentioned, I mostly like it when the normally composed character allows himself to lose control in front of his partner, as a sign of complete and absolute trust in the other, rather than losing control of himself over something happening.

  • Love and passion
I find a long, purpley description of falling in love, the sensation of being in love, feeling secure and sure of the other person, much more interesting, and indeed, even more arousing than descriptions of passion or mere lust.

  • Masturbation
Basically if I have a kink, 90% of the time, I just mean ‘Please make Lord Vetinari do this for/to Drumknott’. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) babe

  • Names and address
I’d love to read a fic that lovingly lingers on Vetinari and Drumknott’s feelings as they call each other by their first names for the first time, and even when they first start calling each other by terms of endearments. There cannot be anything like it to mark crossing the boundary between formal and informal, between professional and intimacy!

  • Power issues
I’ve covered this quite a bit already, but I must say that I’d hardly find a pairing with power issues half as interesting if it didn’t also have an interesting age gap.

  • Preferential treatment
’Vetinari beamed at Drumknott and, much less warmly, acknowledged Moist’s presence ...' Truly wonderful.

  • Reversal of role or fortune
Mostly I like it when the seemingly tougher and superior character surrenders the position of power to the other character when they are in private or being intimate, whether because they simply prefer to be in that position in intimacy, or because their roles in their professional lives are such that they cannot feel they can be equal unless they do as much. Bonus points for the meeker and inferior character feeling that the latter is completely unnecessary but enjoying it thoroughly regardless.

  • Seduction
While I don’t really like this in my more serious relationship fics, I do like fics where the tougher/stoic/superior character is being seduced and is utterly flabbergasted as to what he is supposed to do about it.

  • Sex with clothes still on or partly on

  • Shyness
Generally shy characters are cute, but another kind of shyness I especially like is the normally aloof and stoic character finding himself shy during his first time with his partner, or just generally shy in intimacy, particularly if he finds it difficult to articulate any particular sentimental feeling. (If you are sensing a pattern here, you’ve got the gist of how I like my ships.)

  • Sleep and bedding themes
As ridiculously cliché as it is, sharing a bed by necessity is one of my favourite tropes, it’s ridiculous. Another thing I like is sharing a blanket while sleeping in the car/coach as they are travelling.

  • Touching
Touching as UST is simultaneously the worst and the best thing ever. I love a lot of touching tropes. I especially love the idea of an increasing closeness between two characters being symbolised by them touching more and more as time goes on (culminating in sex, obviously).

  • Undressing
Imagine Vetinari with a fetish for stripteases ... oh no help me I’m imagining it.

  • UST
The more UST before they get together, the better! I can’t even begin to describe how I love those tropes that are usually associated with a couple who are already together used to show how close two friends are, but also how deep their desire for each other has already become.

  • Voyeurism
My love for this trope is so deep I can’t even type it out I’m a horrible person.

  • Washing
Tending to each other or grooming each other in the bath is wonderful.

  • Writing
I love the trope of two people being separated by distance, and beginning a relationship while keeping in touch over the distance. Other alternatives include: becoming close while texting or writing to each other (it’s always easier to say things through writing than by saying them) which causes them to develop feelings for each other, their distance making one or the both of them realise their feelings for each other, or either one which causes one of them to declare their feelings for the other when they return.

And that was me being an utter sop. If you read through all of this, I hope you enjoyed me slowly losing my grip and giving in to simply talking about how much I love each trope in relation to Vetinari.

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