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Some AUs

Written in Tumblr style, this is my personal reference of ideas, but you can use them too!


'every day you come into my coffee shop, buy one cup of coffee, and give it to a homeless person, I thought you were doing it just because you're a nice person but turns out you just want an excuse to talk to me' au

Age difference AUs

'listen, the fact that i am 15 years older than you only means i was around during the rise of programming and i know more about computers than you do so stop trying to hack my computer to send me love letters you dumbass amateur let me show you how it's really done' au

'oh my god is that a pile of rare ancient paraphernalia of my favourite old-timey fandom??' au

'wait what do you mean my boyfriend was my dad's junior in school' au


'don't you call me a twink you goddamn twink i am ten years older than you are, yes, really' au

'your teenage celebrity crush is my current older celebrity crush??? oh my god you met them ten years ago tell me everything??' au

'you're the cool older teacher and i'm the strict younger teacher please stop acting like you're the one who's the same age as these kids' au

Boss/Assistant AUs

'you're such a loser that the only person you're close enough with to ask to be your pretend boyfriend for a weekend is me, your boss, and i don't think we're fooling anyone even tho i legit have feelings for you' au

'you're my adorably shy and awkward assistant who cares way too much about my love life and at a dance party you tell me to dance with the most attractive person in the room last so you can set up a date with them for me and when everyone's gone i ask you to dance with me because you're the prettiest person here to me duh' au

'you're my normally really pedantic and fussy assistant so i get really confused when you start sending me office memos with typos of randomly added letters turns out the added letters spell out a declaration of your love for me' au

'you are my (single parent) assistant who i like so much i'm actually taking time out of my day to pick your kid up and babysit him when you're too busy get a hint already omg' au

'i'm a wizard and you're my assistant who i administer a love potion to because science and i'm really annoyed when it doesn't work because i've never gotten a potion wrong before - oh wait, it didn't have any effect because you actually already liked me?? okay nvm then' au

'my boss keeps buying me ridiculously expensive gifts is he trying to woo me' au

'my assistant keeps buying me ridiculously silly gifts that say things like "best boss" is he trying to woo me' au

'my really stern and strict (but secretly nice) boss and i have to fly somewhere on a business trip and during the plane ride he fell asleep on my shoulder he looks so cute and peaceful i'm melting on the inside' au

'i think my assistant has a crush on my business rival/partner's assistant and it's killing me on the inside' au

'mafia boss and assistant who's actually a normal person and has no idea how they ended up working in the black market' au