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Dear mm-rares author/artist

Thank you for looking into making something for me! Hopefully this letter isn't too long, but please don't feel restricted by my prompts. They're just suggestions and as long as you adhere to my DNWs, feel free to go where your imagination takes you.

General likes: Fluff, hurt/comfort (as long as it's not too melodramatic), shenanigans, AUs (not crossover AUs though), catalysts, meet-the-family/family acts as matchmaker (built families/close friends count).

General dislikes: Angst, sad tropes, psychological stuff, anything you have to warn for on ao3, anything rated E (so no sex at all, implied is fine), crack, m-preg, genderbending, any ships other than the ones I've mentioned I'm okay with.


Discworld: Havelock Vetinari/Rufus Drumknott

There have been no new fics for my OTP of OTPs in almost a year, and I am as a parched beggar in the desert. That is to say, I'd love anything of them, whether it be canon, canon-divergence, an AU ... oh, go wild! As long as it's in character and not too cracky, you could throw them into a coffee shop AU and I'll be happy.

Prompts: Vetinari realising his feelings for Drumknott? What could make him realise them? How would he react? (Vetinari trying to subtly flirt with Drumknott and Drumknott picking it up but thinking he's just misinterpreting things, it'll be so awful, gimme.) Roundworld AU with established relationship? Let them be open about their relationship in their own particular way! AUs where they meet each other through different circumstances? Feel free to explore their characters a little!


The Godfather - Mario Puzo: Sonny Corleone/Tom Hagen

Tom was my favourite thing about The Godfather, and he is one of my top favourite fictional characters. I wish his relationship with Sonny had been shown more. The scene where Sonny hugs him when he comes back from being kidnapped made me want more, but the next thing we know about their relationship is Tom's reaction to Sonny's death. Fix me :')

Prompts: Show me their childhood relationship! Sonny was Tom's childhood hero, and Sonny seems to have no objection to that at all. Show me some childhood adventures they have together? Or perhaps their feelings for each other blossoming as they grow up? I usually don't like pairings that involve cheating on canon spouses, but this is the mob and Sonny is a heathen in that respect anyway, so if you would like to show a relationship between them when they're adults, that's fine too!


Phineas and Ferb: Heinz Doofenshmirtz/Perry the Platypus

I've loved these two even longer than I've loved Vetinari/Drumknott. I really love human!Perry AUs, but that's about as much as I'd like to deviate from canon. I'm alright with a relationship between them as they are in canon, if you're brave enough to go down that route, but in that case I'd really like to stay away from anything sexual happening between them. (Go the human!Perry route, much more room for fun ;)) For human!Perry, I do envision him as being selectively mute or just very tactile. Fond as he is of Doofenshmirtz, I don't think he'd have much to say to him even if he could talk.

Prompts: Yes, this is one ship where I'd really love meet-the-family fic! Perry brings Heinz home for the first time, maybe even with Vanessa, what happens? Or tell me what their relationship is like to OWCA. Do they have to hide it? I love the idea that agent/nemesis relationships are perfectly normal as long as they keep it out of work, but shenanigans with having to hide it would be fun too. For canon Perry stuff, I love episodes where Perry cheers Doofenshmirtz up, because Doofenshmirtz needs a dozen hugs daily to make up for all the horrible things that have happened in his life. More of that would be lovely. Or something more gen where they have to take care of Vanessa or help her out with something like in her birthday episode? I'd love something like that to make them realise their feelings for each other, whether it be canon or human Perry.


Ace Attorney: Bobby Fulbright/Simon Blackquill

Yes, I'm still bitter about DD. I loved Bobby. He was the perfect detective for me. All the detectives are very different from one another and my favourite was Bobby. And they took him away from me. Please give him back. We can just pretend that the ending of DD never happened, that even as we speak, Bobby and Simon are celebrating their newfound freedom with each other. I don't care how it happens. The Phantom had Bobby imprisoned and now he and Simon recover from their respective traumas together? The Phantom impersonated someone else so Bobby helps Simon get used to living as a free man again? An AU where the Phantom just never existed? It doesn't matter as long as they're happy together.

Prompts: Fics where Bobby helps Simon to readjust to life outside of prison, or if Bobby was kidnapped during the events of DD, they help each other! Getting used to mundane things like grocery shopping or having meals at restaurants, you know? Or how about something where Simon never knew the real Bobby, so after DD, he decides to meet him and ends up falling in love? Please just make them happy. They deserve it.


Ouran High School Host Club: Ootori Kyouya/Suoh Tamaki; Hitachiin Kaoru/Ootori Kyouya

Kyouya is probably my oldest love of all. He's always fascinated me. I love cold and calculating Shadow Kings, and then add to that the romantic style that lets him become a host and I am a puddle of mush. His relationship with Tamaki is amazing. They're so different but they're still so close to each other. Kyouya acts so detached, but he's the one to whom the host club matters the most. I love exploring that relationship!

I've thought less about Kyouya and Kaoru's relationship, but the way Kaoru comes into his own character is really nice, and I love the trust he and Kyouya come to have for each other. How would these two cool and mature people be like in a relationship with each other?

Prompts: I'd love to see how Kyouya deals with his developing feelings in either ship. He has a sort of passionate side to him, like when he lashes out against Tamaki's father for the way he treated Tamaki, and he obviously feels strongly for the host club. Could he channel that sort of passion into a relationship? Would he straightforwardly ask the object of his affections out? How would he advance in a relationship? Or perhaps something showing him already in an established relationship with either. What are their dates like? How would his partner encourage him to open up? I love focusing on Kyouya, as you can tell, but showing him from the eyes of his partner would be really great too!