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Dear Fandom5k writer

Note: I've been a little busy so I'm still filling this out, but I've made it public since assignments have gone out. I'll finish this in a couple of days, but if you've already got an idea, then the DNWs are the only thing you need to look at!

Thank you very much for looking into writing something for me. I've tried to fill this letter with details so that you have ideas to start off on in case you need prompts, but feel free to go where your imagination takes you as long as you adhere to my DNWs. Anonymous commenting is on, so go ahead and ask if you need any clarification or further prompts, or anything at all!

General likes:
  • Fluff! I love cute, happy, feel-good things.
  • Catalysts: Jealousy/worry/etc. leading to realisation of feelings or a confession
  • Formal/sophisticated speech patterns
  • Slow burn
  • Age differences: 10 years is the smallest gap I think of as an age difference
  • Older characters: Middle-aged to senior characters highly recommended
  • Old English settings: Wodehouse-an is my favourite, but I'm happy with earlier too
  • Guys: I haven't requested anything ambiguous this time around, but I love classical masculine tropes like handsome looks and gentlemanliness. Fatherly/big brother types are my favourite

  • Angst and sad tropes
  • Darkfic
  • Anything that requires a warning on ao3
  • Psychological tropes: including identity angst like sexuality/identity guilt
  • E rating on ao3
  • Crack: Humour is great, but nothing OTT
  • M-preg
  • Genderbending
  • Other ships unless they're explicitly canon: No, NaruMitsu is not explicitly canon!
  • Underage characters in relationships with adults: basically under 18 is a no for me, though I do actually prefer my characters to be at least in their early-20s
  • Master/slave dynamics


Discworld - Terry Pratchett

AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Modern, Established Relationships, Fluff, Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort

Havelock Vetinari/Rufus Drumknott

I love these two very much, and if you've signed up to offer them, you probably already know that I am very open to anything as long as it's in-character and has a happy ending (see: my terrible soulmark AU that people really liked somehow, God bless you). I know they're difficult to write, but as long as your goal is to give them a healthy, happy relationship, I'm sure you'll do fine!

DNWs: Please no Vetinari/Vimes or power play. A little angst about what their relationship means to each other or mention/discussion of this aspect of their relationship is fine, but nothing where Vetinari takes advantage of Drumknott, please.

Prompts: I love modern AUs, especially if you use a very silly one and take it (almost) completely seriously the whole time. Just a couple of ideas are: bakery/cafe AUs - I've been toying with the idea of such an AU where the shop is actually a front for money laundering or some other crime, Drumknott is an unknowing employee, and Vetinari comes in to investigate/check out the cute cashier; or office AUs - I'm very fond of my little mafia/office AU from Trust and Concern, it's lots of fun to play with the whole Discworld cast inside it.

For canon divergence, I'm happy to explore how things would turn out if events on the Disc had happened differently (what if Vetinari and Drumknott met before Vetinari became Patrician? What if they initially met in a different setting? Maybe Drumknott works somewhere else and Vetinari decides he just HAS to have him as his secretary somehow?), or if the Disc were a slightly different place (like my aforementioned terrible soulmark AU, All's Fair - yes, I'm perfectly happy to have more soulmate AUs), or if Vetinari and Drumknott were different people (how would things be different if Vetinari never actually became Patrician? Or if they were closer in age and met at school, perhaps?).

For hurt/comfort, quite a lot of things happen in canon that were just awful to Vetinari - well, I'm sure I feel them more than he does, but that doesn't mean Drumknott can't worry about him.

As for fluff and getting together, I would love to find out more about how they make their relationship work. Do they make sure to 'date' regularly (even if it only entails having dinner together)? Do they tell anyone? Are there any issues (apart from the obvious ones) that they have to work through?


Original Work

AU - Canon Divergence, AU - Modern, Getting Together, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Interpersonal Drama

I've ticked the boxes for 'AU - Canon Divergence' and 'AU - Modern' in that I'm fine with going a different-from-usual route, such as mild fantasy AUs where magic exist, or in the case of AUs that would usually make you think of medieval England, I'm fine with modernising them. In general, romance novels are my drug and I'm perfectly fine with slightly over-the-top hurt/comfort and interpersonal drama where dramatic misunderstandings abound before the corresponding characters passionately confess their love for each other in the rain ... you know what I mean! That said, I do love humorous chick-flick type stuff where dramatic misunderstandings are laughed off instead of indulged in. Of course, happy endings are obligatory!

Male Boss/Male Secretary

I have a bit of a serious fetish for bosses falling in love with their secretaries. As long as they're both men, of course. And many bonus points for age differences. I like bosses who are cool and aloof without being unfriendly, and I like their demure, gentle secretaries from whom they maintain a professional distance but somehow end up falling in love with him anyway. The professional distance is really important to me; an employer and employee who can't do their jobs properly are useless and I don't really like characters like that. I much prefer for them to people who are sincerely doing their best who just happen to fall in love while they work together.

DNWs: Please no power play/making a fetish out of the power imbalance.

Prompts: Here is a list of boss/assistant prompts I have compiled in the past that may be of use. Feel free to be creative about what kind of profession they have or even what species they are (as long as it's humanoid, ofc)!


Male Supervillain/Male Superhero Sidekick

I've never thought of this before, but it sounds interesting. I'd much rather the both parties are genuinely good/nice people, in one of those humorous universes where superhero and supervillain are just occupations where nobody really gets hurt.

DNWs: Please no non/dubcon or mind games, for this universe I really just want one of those funny little cartoonverses where villains never get around to hurting anyone except maybe the superhero, and then only lightly.

Prompts: I'd much prefer shenanigans and humour over lots of angst about having opposite morals or anything of the like. Interpersonal drama sounds great though! Maybe they're aware of each other's feelings and angst lots about being unable to be together only for it to turn out that the superhero is aware of their feelings and finds it hilarious that they're too scared to make a move on the other? Maybe the hero himself gets involved in a plot to get them together?


Prince/King's Male Advisor

I picked this because I was struck by an interesting idea the moment I saw it, but then I started writing that idea and fell in love so now I have no idea what to prompt :'D This pairing seems to have a lot of potential for age difference and a little star-crossed angst and drama, or maybe even some old-fashioned courtly love that turns into a real relationship with some work, all stuff I'm happy with.

DNWs: Please don't end with them having to be in a secret relationship, that is way too angsty for my weak little heart. And ofc, no underage relationships, though starting off with an innocent crush is fine.

Prompts: Alright, I'll give you that I like this as the prince's father's advisor/the prince. Maybe the advisor has been around for a long time and ends up deep in angst about falling in love with the prince, especially since he's supposed to be loyal to the king first and foremost. Or perhaps the advisor only enters the royal family's life once the prince is an adult and the prince is immediately swept away by him, or they have some kind of meet cute that makes it adorably awkward when the advisor starts working for the family.


Court Mage/Royal Bodyguard

King/Male Knight