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List of fandoms and ships

Hi there! Thanks so much for looking into writing something for me, I really appreciate it! I'm sorry about how long this letter is. It's mostly an explanation of the brief list I put in my sign-up, as well as some prompts, so don't feel that I'm restricting your creativity. Anon commenting is on, in case there is anything you would like to ask. Thanks again, and best of luck!

General dislikes: Angst, particularly heavy angst and other sad tropes (a bit of angst is okay, but nothing like sad endings, deathfics, etc. I don't like identity angst like sexuality or gender angst at all), PWPs (a couple of appropriate sex scenes are fine), crack (some silly shenanigans or playing with tropes is fine, just nothing OTT), mpreg, pre-slash/het/whatever (please at least make them kiss or something), genderbending.


Fandom: Discworld

Ships: Havelock Vetinari/Rufus Drumknott

Likes: Anything that is plausible in canon, and anything that is plausible for their characters. I’m okay with AUs, but mostly really only Roundworld AUs (and subsets such as coffee shop AUs if you really want to go there). But what I really enjoy is the unexplored potential in canon. The Discworld is such a real place, but it also has ~magic~ that can spice things up, so there are a lot of things in canon itself that can bring them together and I really enjoy fics about that. I like it when things are understated rather than there being a great deal of drama and angst. I prefer a discussion between them fused with emotion rather than a lot of things being flung at them that kind of force them into intimate situations (although done well, this can be very enjoyable too). I am also a huge sucker for fluff, so putting them into situations with the potential for cuteness will make my heart melt. My favourite kind of fluff is fluff-in-plot though, so if you have a good plot going and only one or two brief cute scenes in it, that would actually make me a lot happier than just fluff (but I have no objection to the latter either).

Dislikes: The one thing I do not want to know about is Vimes/Vetinari. While I do like their friendship, and there is something there that could potentially help Vetinari with Drumknott if you want to go down that route, I don’t want to hear anything like past Vimes/Vetinari or whatever. Make them best buds in a Roundworld AU, Vimes helps Vetinari with his relationship with Drumknott somehow, whatever, that’s fine. Just don’t put anything romantic between them at all and we’re good - and yes, this includes Vetinari/John Keel. That is my biggest dnw in V/D fanfiction.
Other than that, Vetinari and Drumknott have a somewhat delicate personal relationship that needs careful handling. I'm not a huge fan of fics where Vetinari comes on to Drumknott without really giving Drumknott the opportunity to say either yes or no. But I do like a bit of angst on either side about what exactly their relationship is - maybe Vetinari is worried Drumknott wouldn't be able to say no when he wanted to, and Drumknott is worried that Vetinari just feels sorry for him or something like that - so you're probably good as long as you're even a little bit careful.

Prompts: I have a randomly generated fluff bingo card here you can pick one and roll with it. Like I said, AUs are fine, especially Roundworld AUs which might fit certain prompts better, but so many brownie prompts for just incorporating them into canon somehow. If you’d like more specific prompts:
- From Vetinari’s POV: either he already knows that he has feelings for Drumknott, or he realises he has feelings for him. Does he accept those feelings or does he try to get rid of them? Are they a surprise to him, perhaps? Is he tempted to initiate anything, or is he wary of pressuring Drumknott? So many fics focus on Drumknott's POV as a relationship is underway, but what about Vetinari's feelings on the whole matter?
- Drumknott always struck me as being a pretty shy person who didn't feel entirely comfortable unless he was doing something he knew he was good at. I'd love a fic where he is shy in his relationship with Vetinari while Vetinari himself is apprehensive due to the already sensitive nature of their working relationship and things have difficulty going anywhere. How do they get over that? Does something happen or do they have to sit down and have a talk? What is it like when they do?
- Quite a lot of fics out there end with them sleeping together, but I’d like to know what happens after that. What do they both want out of their relationship, and do they both know what the other wants? They’ve reached an understanding in which they’ve decided to trust each other, but what are their actual feelings for each other? Is their relationship supposed to last, or isn’t it?
- It's obvious that Vetinari has been alone most of his life. Probably by choice, true, but I really like the idea that because Vetinari has been by himself for so long, when he finally finds someone he loves, that person is The One for him. Whether he realises that Drumknott is simply absolutely perfect for him, or there is some sort of magical soulbond between them, I leave it to your interpretation.
- Or you could even write a sequel to Irrationality for me. I’ve been meaning to do one where Drumknott is thinking about the one night they had together and Vetinari notices so they discuss their feelings for each other. It ends with something like Vetinari realising that Drumknott is in love with him, and he tells Drumknott all the things he’d have to do to make a relationship with him work (they’d have to be very secretive, they couldn’t tell anyone and I’ll leave the dangers in the possibility of Drumknott falling out of love with Vetinari to your imagination), but Drumknott is more than happy to do all that, of course. That’s just how I’d write it though, if you have a different idea for their happily ever after, go for it


Fandom: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Ships: Christopher Chant/Millie

Likes: I really love seeing their relationship in-depth, and in that vein, I'll take pretty much any fic as long as it takes place in canon. Fluff, fics where they get together, fics where they are already together doing Chrestomanci stuff, fics about them being in a relationship while they are learning magic in Chrestomanci Castle with the rest of the Family (Elizabeth, Conrad, Bernard, and the rest), fics about their relationship after their marriage ... For the latter, their dynamic in their marriage isn't really shown in the books and that would be cool to explore. They are one ship in which I like to see things like case fic or adventure fic, as long as they remain a focus.

Dislikes: I'm not really into AUs or crossovers, but I haven't read any so if you have a really good idea you don't want to pass up on, feel free to try it out. Other than that, if you're writing about either Family, my general dislikes apply to them as well, not just the ship.

Prompts: There are a lot of things I'd love to know about these two, so I'll just throw out a few questions: I am particularly curious about how they realised their feelings for each other and how they got together. I know there are fics about that already, but I'd love to see more variations. I'd like to know how Christopher came to realise his feelings for Millie. Was he okay with those feelings? Did they feel natural to him or was he a bit weirded out about being in love with his old friend? In Conrad's Fate, Millie didn't seem to like the idea of Christopher rescuing her and living with him, did she already have feelings for him then and those were just normal 'gdi Christopher' feelings, or did she change her mind later?
I'm curious too as to how the Family sees their relationship. Gabriel is one of my favourite characters and I would seriously love to see a fic about their relationship from his point of view, or some friction between him and Christopher because Gabriel doesn't think Christopher can take care of Millie or some other nonsense. Or maybe you could do something about their second Family: their relationship from their children's and other charges' point of view, or a fic that shows what a strong magical team a couple of a nine-lifed enchanter and a goddess are.


Fandom: Phineas and Ferb

Ships: Heinz Doofenshmirtz/Perry the Platypus, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz/Ferb Fletcher

Dislikes: For Perry/Doofenshmirtz, I do like human!Perry AUs, but that's as far as I'm willing to go concerning AUs for either ship. While I am interested in all kinds of interpretations for Perry/Doofenshmirtz, I'm not interested in anything sexual between them as they are in canon (as in Perry as he is a platypus, disregard if you write a human AU). For Ferb/Vanessa, I don't really like fic where Ferb is underage, even if it's just a crush thing, since I'm not interested in the latter either.

Likes: I really love human!Perry AUs, not just for how he interacts with Doofenshmirtz, but for how he interacts with the Flynn-Fletcher family too. I like AUs where Perry is selectively mute or simply very stoic and taciturn best. I do like the idea of a fic where Perry the Platypus is turned into a human, but I haven't read any fics of that idea that I actually liked. I really think it obvious that even if Perry could talk, he still wouldn't have a lot to say to Doofenshmirtz, fond as he is of him. I'm not really too fussy about what I like in Perry/Doofenshmirtz fics otherwise though, most fics I know do a good job of portraying their characters and that's all I really want to see.
For Ferb/Vanessa, I honestly just want to see a lot of relationship development. Mostly I'd like to see things in canon, and other than that, I'd leave it to your imagination to tell me about them.

Prompts: Since I like human!Perry so much, I really enjoy Perry/Doofenshmirtz fics for how they show what their relationship is like with that change. If they were in a relationship, what would it be like? In It's About Time, it seems that a friendship between evil scientists and their nemeses is pretty normal, what would that be like if they were humans? Do they have to date in secret or is it well-known that this is an off-the-clock thing they do? Does the Flynn-Fletcher family know? It would be interesting to see an familial interaction between Doofenshmirtz (and maybe even Vanessa) and Perry's family.
I think a fic about the build-up to a relationship between Ferb and Vanessa would be most interesting. The little tease at the end of Act Your Age is so tantalising. They seem to be some sort of intellectual couple, interested in trying out exotic foods and going to museums instead of a theme park or something like. We always see Ferb participating in everybody's crazy schemes, so what is this other part of him like? Did he ask Vanessa out or was it the other way around? How did Vanessa stop seeing Ferb as a little kid and start being attracted to him instead? Perhaps you could write about their first date, and their impressions of each other during that time. Or I would love to see a fic somewhere in the middle of their relationship, where they would start getting more serious with each other. I enjoy a good bit of introspection here.