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Title: Colour

Notes: This thing is two years old and I don't even remember why I wrote this lmao

Summary: Drumknott and fashionable touches.

Drumknott always came to work in a modest clerk’s robe, the colours of which were similarly sober and ranged from dark green, to dull brown. It could be easily seen that these were the only clothes he had that he was willing to wear to work. Vetinari always found it curious because Drumknott did occasionally seem to acknowledge the latest fashions, such as with a tasteful silver cuff, or a golden pin on his lapel. He wondered if Drumknott thought he would mind if he came into the office in brighter colours.

‘The morning clacks, sir,’ Drumknott said, carefully placing the messages on the desk. He was wearing grey today.

‘Thank you, Drumknott,’ Vetinari said. He didn’t look at them. ‘I believe a visit to the office of The Times would be in order this morning. Will you come with me?’

‘Of course, sir.’ Drumknott kept his impassive expression, but Vetinari could just see his eyes lighten up a little. He knew that he liked going with him in the carriage.

‘Wrap up warmly then.’ Vetinari stood up. ‘It looks like it might snow again.’

Drumknott went away to get their coats. When he came back, Vetinari watched him don his jacket and tie a slightly ragged and battered plaid scarf around his neck. He had seen it before and it had not always been in that condition.

‘Did something happen to your scarf?’ he asked.

‘It tore after I fell in the street, sir.’

‘I see.’ Vetinari looked at him awhile, and Drumknott returned the stare with a faint, half-formed smile. ‘Well I’m afraid I can’t have my secretary out with me looking like that. Please wait a moment.’

People weren’t allowed to ask why Vetinari kept a colourful box of scarves in the back of a cupboard. At least, they wouldn’t have been able to ask, if anybody had known to ask, even though the reason was very simply that they were Madam’s traditional Hogswatch presents. She never gave him any black ones, so he never wore them, though he kept them clean and free from moths.

He selected a dark green one which he thought would suit the brown colour of Drumknott’s jacket. Then he returned to the Oblong Office with it in hand, thinking. He had decided to gift a scarf to Drumknott on a whim, and he was not a man usually prone to impulse. He did not yet know if he should be worried about that.

Unsurprisingly, Drumknott was still waiting patiently exactly where Vetinari had told him to wait. He had undone his scarf and was holding it folded up in his hand.

What was a surprise was a brief flicker in the smooth self-assurance Vetinari always carried with himself as he began to doubt whether or not giving Drumknott the scarf was a good idea. He quickly waved the thought away. There was no question about whether or not it was a good thing to do, it simply was the thing to do. Though he had never been a man to pay mind to fashion or elegance of dress, he still wouldn’t dream of going out looking anything other than immaculate.

‘Wear this,’ he said to Drumknott, giving him the scarf. Drumknott looked at it with apparent surprise and Vetinari allowed himself to feel pleased. It was rare that he could break his secretary’s constantly serene composure.

‘Thank you, sir.’ Drumknott blinked and his countenance was smooth once more. He took it and smiled. ‘Is it yours?’

‘Yours now,’ Vetinari replied. Drumknott’s smile grew and also became a bit shy. ‘Go and put your other scarf with the clothes I mean to send to the cleaners, they’ll mend it for you. I’ll wait for you in the carriage.’

‘Yes, sir.’ Drumknott stopped for the merest fraction of a second, a pause that Vetinari would have missed if he had not been watching him. He seemed to want to say something else, but changed his mind and simply went.

Vetinari considered pressing him on what it was he meant to say, but as Drumknott came into the carriage with the green scarf tied in the ‘autumn knot’ style that was being favoured that winter, he decided not to. He trusted Drumknott would tell him in time if it was important.

Would love to read more

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This was a good start to something... Please write more!